Went to a comedy show last night

So I went to a comedy show last night in Albert Lea, it was put on by Jeff Polis a local comedian and had hired 3 comedians including headliner Isaac Witty who was the headliner of my last show in Mankato. Last nights show had about 25 customers myself included, it was hardly a big crowd but it was a good show.

While the first two acts were not family friendly, it was funny. I enjoy going to stand up comedy shows, but I fear it is a dying business even Jeff announced after the show that he has been putting on 3 shows a year for the last 10 years, but he may not continue with such small crowds.

I have lived in Albert Lea for over 6 years and have been through before then and I never heard of his shows until after I did my first show here in Albert Lea. I know I heard a commercial for the Comedy Live event on 94-9 The Breeze, and I saw a flier at Kwik Trip but I don’t know how much they advertised.

While I love the idea of going to live stand up comedy shows, and I think putting them on is even cooler I know I won’t keep tilting at windmills for long. I don’t know maybe the idea of going out and having fun with your family is a thing of the past and I just need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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Ole and Emma Chapter 3 – Meeting Mrs. Wright!

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Chapter 3 – Meeting Mrs. Wright!

A large factor in writing this book was my want to see Hanna grow up right, and I wanted to making a difference in the world. Most of what is written comes from the journals I had kept for Hanna, which I gave to her on her sixteenth birthday. What follows is some of the entries through the years that lead up to what is happening today.

By the time Hanna entered Kidneygarden it was clear she was smart like her mother, she better knew how to use that 286 computer more than we did. The thing is she also had the same handyman smarts my Dad and I had, I guess she was just around good teachers!

On the first day of Kidneygarden the teacher showed a movie to help the kids adjust. About half way through the show Hanna began to cry, when the teacher asked what was wrong, Hanna replied “It’s night time and I should be home!” Well her teacher let her look outside for a bit, then after she was satisfied that it was still day time she sat back down and didn’t have another problem the rest of the year.

She enjoyed school and enjoyed learning, in fact she even looked forward to going back to school for the first grade. A feeling I know I never had. About the only thing she really hated about school was the fact that she couldn’t spend as much time at the radio studio with her grandparents.

Two major events happen in the first grade that really shaped Hanna’s future. First, she was upset to find out they had no sports opportunities for girls in Her school, so she convinced little Tommy to sign up for peewee football, and she went in his place disguised as him and actually made the team. She even managed to play one game before getting caught. After making a convincing argument they let her stay on the team for the year. And in the process she managed to make a life long friend in Tommy. The type of friendship I wished I could have had with Maria. While I admit Hanna’s lie wasn’t the best way to handle the situation, I have to admire her for the way she proved her point.

The Second major event in Hanna’s life was one day at the park after school Sara a girl I knew from my school days happened to ride by on her horse. Sara was heading back to her job at the nearby stables and when she saw me she stopped for a bit to talk. I was really surprised considering she was one of the girls I treated so badly.

Well I got to talking with Sara and she told me that she didn’t blame me for what happened in the past, and that she was really happy to see the good job I’d been doing with Hanna. She continued to say in a way it was like we never stopped talking because she liked listening to the radio show my Mom and Dad did.

Over the course of the next summer Sara and Hanna got close, Sara taught her how to ride a horse, and how to swim. Hanna seemed to like the horses better though, I’m not sure if it was the horses themselves or if was the day trips on horse back. At the same time Sara and I also got close and began dating. We decided in part because of Hanna that it would be best to marry and have a child soon while Hanna was still young. Plus we just knew deep inside that we were ready.

Hanna’s little brother Karl was born in may as Hanna was about to finish second grade. She became an excellent big sister to Karl. Our family was complete.

Around that same time Jimmy Carter lost the election I thought he was sure to win, which I really hoped would have happened. But after some time and watching Reagan’s speeches, I felt Reagan probably wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

By the time I’d given the journals to Hanna on her sweet sixteen many other events had passed and it was clear that my beautiful little girl was growing up. And I know she grew inside at the same time as her body did on the outside, to make a very complete and loving person, the opposite of me at her age. I was extremely relieved.

While Hanna was in school Her two closest friends were Jennifer which was called Jen for short and Tommy both of which lived close to Hanna.
An event that happened to Jen was recorded in history by my parents on their radio show. When Jen was 11 she had learned how to play the drums and had gotten to be very good, and by 16 she decided to answer an ad that was looking for a drummer in a local garage band of kids her age.

The kid who was the lead singer John had went out of town with his family and the other two members of the band who played guitar where put in charge of finding a new drummer. Well when they heard her play they loved it, and hired her.

The three had been playing together for a few days, when John came back. The first words out of John’s mouth were “who’s the chick?”

When they told him that she was the new drummer, something inside of him snapped. He said some rude, sexist things that really hurt Jen. She stormed out and came over to Our basement were Hanna, Tommy and Her were talking.

I had just came home from work and couldn’t help but over hearing some of the conversation, so in Dad mode I went down to see if I could be of any help. When I heard it was John who was the one who the conflict was over, I understood some background that the kids didn’t know.

John in many ways was like me when I was growing up, but what made him so angry was the abuse he faced from his birth Father. His Father and Mother were heavy into drugs among other things. His Father became an angry man and began beating his Mom and him, so one day the county works came and took him away. He now lives with his Uncle and Aunt. While he has adjusted in so many ways there are still many signs of a troubled youth that come out in certain situations.

I tried to help the kids understand some of what was at the core of John’s attitude. I later went over and talked to his uncle, who told me that the other boys in the band refused to play with John until he apologized to Jen.

I’d come up with an idea, that I would talk to John about going on the radio with his band someday soon, and while I was at it talked to him about my past with some select stories. After building a relationship with him and sharing stories and hope, he saw that I was serious and wanted to help him.

The next day John talked to Jen at school, the two shook hands and agreed to give this band thing a try. A couple of months had passed, and like I promised the whole band got to be on the Ole and Emma show. They all had a great time and for one day that country station rocked!

During the year after Hanna graduated high school she was trying to decide what to do with her life, radio or teaching. So she went to the annual radio convention with her Grandpa where she met Todd Wright who was just a year older than her. Todd had been recently hired by Twin Cities radio station “1180 The Hornet” as a talk show host, because of all the articles and debates he participated in when he was in school. They thought he was a good choice to help, “stir up the Hornets’ nest.”

They fell in love in much the same way Sara and I did, and before I knew it My little Hanna was walking down the isle on her way to becoming Mrs. Wright.

She eventually decided to pursue teaching. On Her first day in the classroom as a teacher, a smart-aleck student asked her after she introduced herself as Mrs. Wright, if her first name was always or never. She replied ALWAYS and don’t forget it! The name Always probably wasn’t to far from the truth, and the name stuck.

It was little awkward for Karl to be in his Sisters’ class but they managed. That was probably the only problem with Hanna’s decision to become a teacher. Maybe things in this town are perfect after all.


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The story that started it all.

From an early age  I always had a vision of the type of world I would like to live in and I was interested in the media business and tried to write scripts for TV shows in order to save up enough money to get my first radio station.  Over the years my ideas and passions have changed but still at the core was the same overarching hopes of doing something with my life that mattered.

I knew I could not do the things in media I hoped to do right away so I started a small independent sub shop after highschool and tried again in 2001 both attempts ended in failure due to a lack of money, but I grew from my experiences and even tried writing non-fiction book about business ethics based on my ideas, in addition I ran a blog style website called Funding The Future where I wrote several issues on concerning how business should be done.  Over the years I have considered many ethical issues and have developed opinions on much of how I believe life should be.

Well when my business failed I gave up on the non-fiction book and started writing a fiction book about a retired farm couple Ole and Emma who became morning show hosts on local country station.  The book was never finished but the overall story concept is there and I still love dreaming up stories and how better programming can be made available and I plan to do new radio dramas at some point.

In the future I will write an article about why I think radio is underused technology that never had a chance to grow up and how it was eclipsed by TV way to soon.

Until then I am going to release portions of my book “Ole and Emma In Da Mornin” for your enjoyment.

Feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts:

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So do you think you’re funny? Well Wisecracking Comedy is looking for new and upcoming comedians that we can grow with.

We have shows scheduled in Albert Lea, and are planning some in Mankato this is an effort to provide low cost quality entertainment the whole family can enjoy. We are focused on smaller towns because the choices for entertainment are more limited, but we think good clean comedy can go everywhere.

There are many good clean comedians now but not enough venues, and hiring established names is hard to do in smaller towns where the value of the name recognition is less and paying them what they are worth while keeping the ticket price is hard to do.

In time as the love of stand up comedy and other quality live shows grows in these markets we will be able to expand our offerings but as they say in baseball this is a building year.

So for that reason we are looking to find and hire new comedians and help you build your brand.

Then ask Brian Link the founder of Wisecracking Comedy

email: brian “AT” wisecracking “DOT” com
cell phone: 612-810-4710

our mailing address: 1119 East Main Street Albert Lea, MN 56007

Who is Wisecracking Comedy?

We are a small entertainment company based in Albert Lea who is dedicated to bring quality family entertainment to small and midsized cities around Minnesota, Iowa, and soon as we can, everywhere else!

Originally I set out to create a radio brand to offer comedy challenges on local radio stations along with other original programming over time including radio dramas among other things.

A small media company without a lot of money has a hard time getting noticed, so I looked at several options including online radio. The problem was where to start, starting a website is easy but getting people there is not as easy. So I decided I needed to work with local radio stations, and with most stations it is hard to get an unproven show on the air. I decided buying time and selling ads was the way to go and after much searching I found a station willing to give me a shot, that station was KBEW 98.1 FM a Country music station in Blue Earth Minnesota, about 30 miles from Albert Lea.

Northbridge Mall in Albert Lea allowed me use of a space in their mall for the show, but finding people brave enough to enter a radio comedy competition was not easy, nor was finding sponsors.

About 2 weeks prior to the show I knew it was not going to work, I only had 1 sponsor and 2 contestants. I made a call to Minneapolis based comedian Joey ILO who I knew a little through my job at KKMS Radio where he had done a clean comedy event for them and had been interviewed on KKMS Live and other shows on the station.

Joey excepted doing the show and brought some of his comedian friends with, and it was a great show! He not only saved me at the last minute, he also helped guide me to the fact that there is a market for clean comedians and that putting on professional shows and charging a ticket price may be the way to go. AND HE WAS RIGHT!

I again put on a show this time in Mankato a city with double the population of Albert Lea and more of a regional center, but it was not enough to build a bigger audience. So again I looked to how I can build this family entertainment company, so I decided going back to Albert Lea was the best avenue.

I am now planning to do a second show at Northbridge Mall this time around I will charge a $7 ticket price and feature a new comedy troop I am working to form. I want to help build up new talent, and provide an alternative option for family fun in small towns. In time I hope to develop a farm system of family friendly comedians and to promote other quality shows.

As for our name, in 1997 when I created the brand it was to be a radio network offering stand up comedy and other funny shows 24/7 and it was called simply Wisecracking Radio later as it developed into a radio show it was known as the Wisecracking Radio Comedy Challenge. After the February 29th event I changed focus and called the company Wisecracking Entertainment, then Wisecracking Family Entertainment.

Today I have opted for a shorter simpler name to reflect our core mission, hence:


Welcome to our new wisecracking website 01-31-13

Hello I’m Brian Link founder of Wisecracking Comedy and I would like to welcome you to our new website, or at least our new design using wordpress. The posts below serve two purposes, 1 they get out some of our early information again for search purposes, and it is a test of the new set up.

Over time we will be tweaking the look and feel of this site and adding new information so check back! :-D

Wisecracking Family Entertainment 2012

Wisecracking Entertainment


I feel a market exists to pay a comedian to perform and then charge a ticket price that is low enough for the family to afford. We plan to keep with a family friendly model and provide quality entertainment options to small and under served markets.

Down the road again I will look to build up a radio comedy challenge, but first I must gain brand value in the comedy business.

Our first comedy event is planned for October 2012 in Southern Minnesota details will follow on this page.

Get tickets for the Mankato show on Sunday 12-16-12




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We are Wisecracking Comedy!

Wisecracking Family Entertainment was founded to provide a great night of family fun with good clean humor that everyone in the family can enjoy!

We had our first show in Albert Lea in February 2012 at the Northbridge Mall, now we are bringing our family comedy show to the Mankato Event Center in Mankato Place on December 16th 2012.

We have general seating tickets, come early for the best seats!

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Congradulations to Joey ILO!

Wisecracking Family Entertainment would like to wish Comedian Joey I.L.O. the best in his new gig in Branson, and for helping us land a new headliner for the December 16th show!

find out more at:

JOEY ILO: http://joeyilocomedy.com/

PURE COMEDY SHOW: http://jimstafford.com/