Tired of bad entertainment choices?

Plugged In is a resource for finding the best choices for your family entertainment.

You ever notice when you are watching TV or a movie, it seems that something inappropriate comes up?  It seems like almost every show I have watched has some adult reference or has unneeded violence.  Some shows make political or cultural points that you may not want to deal with and you for sure don’t want to put this in front of you child.

The same thing can be said for listening to music many songs push the envelope.  What are you teaching your child, and how is it affecting you?  and even going to the store or park, people are wearing clothing that reveals too much, or they say things that are offensive.

We can’t just live in cave, but what do we do?  I for one find myself watching less TV and making hard choices about what I watch and I find myself finding fewer safe choices.  I for one suggest watching the Disney Channel most of the programs there are still safer than most, also Hallmark Channel has many quality shows, and some of the religious channels and lessor known cable channels have more reruns of older programs, a service like Netflix offers many choices and warns via ratings and descriptions about which shows may be better.

Also you should consider looking at review sites that can guide you to how appropriate or inappropriate any TV show or movie can be, one to start with would be http://pluggedin.com/ it puts a focus on the family spin to if the show is good or not.

I for one will keep working on building the family friendly stand up comedy market in small towns, and giving people more choices in whatever ways we can.  If you like the idea of having more quality family entertainment please send me an email to let me know.  It can be a depressing world without the support of people who agree with you.

And for the record, I think there is more of us then there is them!

—— Brian Link ——-

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