The story that started it all.

From an early age  I always had a vision of the type of world I would like to live in and I was interested in the media business and tried to write scripts for TV shows in order to save up enough money to get my first radio station.  Over the years my ideas and passions have changed but still at the core was the same overarching hopes of doing something with my life that mattered.

I knew I could not do the things in media I hoped to do right away so I started a small independent sub shop after highschool and tried again in 2001 both attempts ended in failure due to a lack of money, but I grew from my experiences and even tried writing non-fiction book about business ethics based on my ideas, in addition I ran a blog style website called Funding The Future where I wrote several issues on concerning how business should be done.  Over the years I have considered many ethical issues and have developed opinions on much of how I believe life should be.

Well when my business failed I gave up on the non-fiction book and started writing a fiction book about a retired farm couple Ole and Emma who became morning show hosts on local country station.  The book was never finished but the overall story concept is there and I still love dreaming up stories and how better programming can be made available and I plan to do new radio dramas at some point.

In the future I will write an article about why I think radio is underused technology that never had a chance to grow up and how it was eclipsed by TV way to soon.

Until then I am going to release portions of my book “Ole and Emma In Da Mornin” for your enjoyment.

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