Went to a comedy show last night

So I went to a comedy show last night in Albert Lea, it was put on by Jeff Polis a local comedian and had hired 3 comedians including headliner Isaac Witty who was the headliner of my last show in Mankato. Last nights show had about 25 customers myself included, it was hardly a big crowd but it was a good show.

While the first two acts were not family friendly, it was funny. I enjoy going to stand up comedy shows, but I fear it is a dying business even Jeff announced after the show that he has been putting on 3 shows a year for the last 10 years, but he may not continue with such small crowds.

I have lived in Albert Lea for over 6 years and have been through before then and I never heard of his shows until after I did my first show here in Albert Lea. I know I heard a commercial for the Comedy Live event on 94-9 The Breeze, and I saw a flier at Kwik Trip but I don’t know how much they advertised.

While I love the idea of going to live stand up comedy shows, and I think putting them on is even cooler I know I won’t keep tilting at windmills for long. I don’t know maybe the idea of going out and having fun with your family is a thing of the past and I just need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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Stand Up For Family – AMFAM

American Family Insurance sponsors the Stand Up For Family show!

Here is some family comedy I found while checking the web…

So I was just looking at promotion angles and stumbled into this it is a family comedy series from American Family Insurance called Stand Up For Family, here is the website:


I don’t know much about it how clean or how good it is but I want to spread the word about anyone who is making an effort towards my goal of taking back comedy from the edge, and making it a truely stand up event!

So parents here’s your assignment, watch the videos and see what you think, is it good, bad or otherwise?email me or post on our facebook page, and let AMFAM know what you think also.

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