So do you think you’re funny? Well Wisecracking Comedy is looking for new and upcoming comedians that we can grow with.

We have shows scheduled in Albert Lea, and are planning some in Mankato this is an effort to provide low cost quality entertainment the whole family can enjoy. We are focused on smaller towns because the choices for entertainment are more limited, but we think good clean comedy can go everywhere.

There are many good clean comedians now but not enough venues, and hiring established names is hard to do in smaller towns where the value of the name recognition is less and paying them what they are worth while keeping the ticket price is hard to do.

In time as the love of stand up comedy and other quality live shows grows in these markets we will be able to expand our offerings but as they say in baseball this is a building year.

So for that reason we are looking to find and hire new comedians and help you build your brand.

Then ask Brian Link the founder of Wisecracking Comedy

email: brian “AT” wisecracking “DOT” com
cell phone: 612-810-4710

our mailing address: 1119 East Main Street Albert Lea, MN 56007